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Sailing on Bonaire

At Caribe Watersport you can rent different types of sailing boats, for young and old, Caribe Watersport has 5 keelboats (Div. Centaur, Ufo, Skarl). Caribe Watersport is not a large rental company, so maintenance, cleaning, issuing and receiving are carried out personally and with consistent quality.

The strong northeast trade winds or east trade winds together with the strong currents in the rough sea make sailing in the Bonaire region not easy. As long as you remain in the coverage of Bonaire, these elements can be parried well, but if you go sailing outside the coverage of Bonaire, they are formidable opponents and higher demands are made on the experience of the crew and the material used. The west coast of Bonaire near the hotel zone is perfect for a peaceful sailing trip.

Bonaire International Sailing Regatta

The largest sporting event in Bonaire is the Sailing Regatta. The sailing regatta is one of the highlights of public life on Bonaire, schools are closing and there is a big party mood on the island. The international sailing regatta takes place every year in the first week of October, lasts a full week and attracts many sea sailors from the other islands and the Netherlands. All hotel rooms and other accommodations are fully booked months in advance, even the beach offers a solution as a place to sleep, no problem with 25 to 28 degrees right?

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Sailing Boat Rental

2 hours: $85
4 hours: $110

Sailing Lessons

1,5 hours: $135 (per person)
12 hours: $950 (per person)

Private sailing with a captain

$150 per hour

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