For $25 back and forth to Klein Bonaire. (Children under 13 $15).  We leave from (1) Karel’s Beach Bar or from (2) Eden Beach Resort (easy parking). Every day we leave at set times:

Almost every hour, every day


  • From Karel’s Beach Bar at 9:15 am, 10:15 am, 11:15 am, 12:15 pm, 1:15 pm and 2:15 pm.
  • Eden Beach: Temporarily no boarding point (CLOSED).
  • You can return from Klein Bonaire at 10:45 am, 11:45 am, 12:45 pm, 1:45 pm, 2:45 pm and the last return is 4:45 pm.


  • Every day we leave only from Karel’s Beach Bar at 09:15 am.

On days there is no cruise ship in town, we offer our “World-famous” snorkel drop-off! This is a free extra service to snorkel further from the beach than would normally be possible. We will always do this drop off on the first boat to Klein Bonaire.

  1. Let the captain know, you would like to do the snorkel drop-off and get ready to enter the water on board.
  2. We will make a quick stop at ‘No Name Beach’ on Klein Bonaire, where you leave your bag and/or other things behind.
  3. After quickly dropping off your bag, our captain brings you upstream to the drop-off point. Here you jump off the boat and float with the current back to ‘No Name Beach’.

From the snorkel drop-off point, it is approximately 25-30 minutes to the first point where you can put your feet down or get out of the water. Then it is another 15-20 minutes to the beach itself. This has to do with protected, no-go zones in the water. These zones and all rules will, of course, be explained by your captain. We must have at least 2 people who want to do the drop-off in order to be able to offer it, for safety reasons. It is recommended to be able to snorkel and be comfortable in the water.

Do you want to use the snorkel drop-off on cruise days?
Then contact our team well in advance. We are often unable to offer the drop-off on these days due to the special hour or 30-minute schedule, but may be able to advise you on a time or day when this is possible.

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Check availability & book!

Depart from Eden Beach Resort

Depart from Karel’s Beach Bar

Depart from the cruise ship